Many companies have an open API strategy or are working on its development. An open API strategy is based on the exposure of APIs in Developer Portals and is to be consumed by partner companies developers.

First of all, it’s important to understand the details of this current approach:

And also to understand its pain points:

One of the main nightmares of enterprises is the vendor lock-in, but can this be avoided? And is it the true lock-in?

The true lock-in is the knowledge and control of the data flow you own — the type of data you manage, the reason why you manage it and how the data flows across your company and partner’ ecosystem.

The true lock-in of enterprises exists because, until today, they need to allow various suppliers to have control over their data. More concerning than that, this data control occurs in an isolated way. …

Privacy Law monitoring is a challenge considering data protection tools and IT Security alignment with Privacy Program.

The traditional way of a Privacy Program is:

At this Point and after the expense of millions, the Enterprises have the feeling of security, but are they really protected?

Consider the Data Protection implementation the Day 1 of DPO Ongoing tasks and we can think about some scenarios:

Traditional approach of data management in the enterprises is not enough to support the dynamic of the market and the context of omnichannel, ecosystems of partners and modern hybrid architectures. Data Mesh is a new concept to help this challenge with data and Hybrid Integration platforms (HIP) come to help this kind of implementation.

This article is my first impression of how HIP can help and we can start talking about the 2 main concepts, Data Mesh and Hybrid Integration Platforms.

Data Mesh was first defined by Zhamak Dehghani, a ThoughtWorks consultant and the original architect of the term, a…

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