What is the true lock-in for IT?

One of the main nightmares of enterprises is the vendor lock-in, but can this be avoided? And is it the true lock-in?

The true lock-in is the knowledge and control of the data flow you own — the type of data you manage, the reason why you manage it and how the data flows across your company and partner’ ecosystem.

The true lock-in of enterprises exists because, until today, they need to allow various suppliers to have control over their data. More concerning than that, this data control occurs in an isolated way. For example, an ERP supplier only knows the data related to it and under its own context, without having a clear idea of why CRM is using it.

Moreover, part of the control you have over the business knowledge is with external consulting agencies that execute projects and have their expertise weakened as time passes. And let’s face it — the knowledge about your data flow doesn’t completely interest them.

You need to focus on organizing and simplifying your data management and integration and use your energy to understand all the use and potential of your data. Consider modern data integrations approaches — cloud native, if possible — to have an easier scope archiving system and don’t forget the companies and partners that aren’t controlled by your internal IT resources.